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    To thrive beyond the hype, NFTs must have real utility Digital Assets for Customer Relationships 3 0

    A game such as Silks enables players to buy racehorses and infrastructure to develop land. If the horse wins races or the land's value appreciates due to embellishments, it can be sold for a profit. Another perk is access to a private chat to ask experts questions.

    nt to create an NFT utility, you’ll need to write the contract. Basically, utility NFTs are those NFTs that will provide the users with something other than the art. One of the arguments the criticizers of NFT often say is that there is no real use case in NFT and nft utility ideas.

    For instance, collaborating with Mythical Games, Burberry released awearable NFT collectiondesigned for theBlankosBlock Party game. The collection includes in-game NFT accessories like pool shoes and armbands that players use to style any Blanco,the game’s toy characters. They are functional assets with specific purposes that bring added value to their owners. CloneX – NFT collection of avatar set created by RTFKT and Takashi Murakami.